Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Book Review: Frank Deford's 'The Entitled'

We were sent legendary sportswriter Frank Deford's latest novel, "The Entitled," to review, and two and a half months later (we read at a third-grade level...not really true. It's more like a grad-school level. We're fucking great readers! Just awfully busy...), we're ready to go.

Good, good read. If you like sports, sex and some inside info on what it's like to live the life of a superstar, this book's for you. Buy your copy here.

What's the book about?
"The Entitled" is a tale of modern baseball that takes you deep inside America's game; inside a ball club and inside the mind of a defeated manager and a champion slugger. Deford's writing is authentic and emanates today's baseball.
"The Entitled" is right down our alley too. We like baseball, we like sex, we like swearing. This novel has it all.

One scene describes how the protagonist -- Cleveland Indians manager Howie Traveler -- finds it strange how he acknowledges his daughter's great tits.

There's also a part that has narration of how Traveler doesn't like to swear. Meanwhile, the paragraph is loaded with enough f-bombs to make this website read like a script from fucking Sesame Street.

The book's definitely worth a read. It's a fun summer book that will get you thinking baseball and perhaps wanting to jerk it to Traveler's daughter.

We're working on setting up an interview with Deford, so be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks. And while we're on the topic of good books, go buy our aunt's latest novel. If you don't, your penis is going to fall off.


rstiles said...

I was wondering about the book...i've seen it at the bookstore....

That photo on the front reminds me of Bonds, so I thought it had to do more with a story based loosely about him

Jordi said...

So you want me to buy two books? Neither of which have any pictures? Is your aunt single at least?

By the way, you can not be related to this so-called "aunt". There is not a mention of shit, fuck, or tits on her amazon blog.

GMoney said...

Is there such a thing as a good winter book?

McBain said...

I only have money for one, so I guess I'll go with the one that doesn't make my dick fall off.

Kevin Hayward said...

I like the title a lot, though it could be used to describe athletes in every sport, not just baseball. And based on your description, it sounds a little like a modern Ball Four.

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