Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bonds should break record on the road

Barry Bonds has come out and said that he'd like to break this HR record at home, in front of a loyal SF crowd which likes home runs and prefers to sweep steroids, Balco and shrunk testicles under the proverbial rug.

And while it would be nice for Barry to hear the roar of the home crowd when 756 is launched, things aren't looking so sunshiny. The Giants have six games left of a seven-game homestand, and Barry jacking three in six games is tough -- even the way Barry has been known to smack them -- and isn't that likely.

And after the ATL and Florida visit AT&T, the Giants play 15 of 21 on the road, which is good for us. As general baseball fans, we want to see Barry hit his record shot in an opposing ball park.

Why? Well, what the hell's the reaction gonna be like? Do people boo? Do they stand, but don't clap? Applaud?

The home run record is the most hallowed record in all of sports, so to see it change hands in our lifetime is something special. To see what will likely be a controversial reaction if it's done away from SF would make it that much more special.


Larry Brown said...

That would cap the perfect season -- Giants in last, and Bonds breaks it on the road. (no offense)

I_EAT_MEAT said...

Wouldn't it be great if he hits the homer and there is deafening silence? The only noise in a sold out stadium is the crunch of the dirt under his cleats as he runs.. no cheers, no boos.. no massaging his bloated ego, just ear drum shattering silence.

My Hero Zero said...

Best case scenario: Bonds breaks the record on the road in the 17th inning of a marathon game delayed twice by rain. All the fans have long gone home, the viewing audience is nil, and the feat is forever immortalized by the voice of a clearly-drunk Joe Morgan. Oh, and the news is trumped in the next day's paper by the death of Lindsay Lohan at the hands of a coked-up Dick Cheney.

What? Too far-fetched?

Sun Devil said...

Thanks for using that picture.

Kevin Hayward said...

Special? Maybe. Awkward is more like it. I think there will be a pretty even mix of boos, cheers, and an eerie kind of silence. Very awkward way to break the game's most sacred record.