Thursday, July 19, 2007


We know things have been sorta weak lately; things are a bit different for us in the summer. Our social life is at an all-time high and we're on multiple vacations and camping trips, making full-time blogging pretty tough. It's not the day-long stints at a computer we're normally used to.

Adam was a big G and stepped in nicely yesterday, but no time for a real post today with all sorts of shit keeping us from the Internets....

But spare time is approaching soon, starting with tomorrow. We promise to start sucking less ass.


rstiles said...

If you are getting a lot of pussy, then it is okay to not be blogging....otherwise, no excuse...

It's like Rock, Paper, Scissors

Pussy over Blogging
Blogging over Drinking
Pussy over Drinking

In the end, pussy always win!!

Donny said...

How about this for a post--"What Athletes Would Make the Best Price is Right Hosts?"

My top suggestion: Magic Johnson.

Or you could talk about how fucked the Atlanta Falcons are. I could care less for Vick, just sucks for their fans after they trade away Schaub, make no effort for Carr, etc. Here comes Dante Culpepper!!

E.M. Davis said...

Well, everyone can suck a whole lotta less ass by voting in the 2007 Turf Toe Massengill Open to determine who wears the crown of General Douchebaggery for an entire year.

First Round voting is still open to break the Colin Cowherd vs. A.J. Pierzynski tie here. Just vote in the thread comments.


Note - although we are page view whores, this isn't about exposure, it's about seeing which douchebag can move on to the Round of 32.

Anonymous said...

This is actually the least you have sucked in a long, long time.

rstiles said...

Honestly, if I was not doing my football series, I too would have a hard time finding is a dead time for some reason