Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogger Reach-Arounds

Blogger Reach-Arounds" is The Big Picture's link dump that runs every Wednesday. But sometimes Thursday. But usually Wednesday. Send your links -- current posts or those within the last week -- to by Tuesday night.

Jennifer Walcott might just be the hottest chick on Earth. HOLY SHIT!!! What we'd give for five minutes with her in a dark closet. Adam Archuleta is a.) really lucky and b.) can go fuck himself. Yes we get jealous. It's natural, right?

We have a week off from work which is pretty cool and neat. We just got back from the mountains and plan to further our ass groove which hasn't gotten enough action this summer.

Juiced for the Simpson's Movie? Seems about five years overdue, but still, we'll see it. We just got Premonition on Netflix. Skip it. The plot has more holes than Swiss cheese and Sandra Bullock is about an eighth as fuckable as she is in Speed.

1.) What's better than one Mottram? Two Mottrams and some Indonesian prostitutes! The brothers have combined and the new site looks great.

2.) The Pig Pen has a picture of Darren McFadden's new tattoo, which, unfortunately, does not say, "I Heart Bloggers."

3.) Stiles Points, gearing up for college football season, has an outsider tell about the Washington Huskies. Word has it the guest author is strikingly handsome and hung like Barbaro.

4.)Epic Carnival has a list of the hottest MLB concession workers. Lunch Lady Doris anyone?

5.) A serious question that could really get some good debate: are African Americans better athletes? Pyle of List analyzes.

6.) From 100% Injury Rate, via Larry Brown Sports, a headline that would probably now get an editor fired.

7.) Winning the Turnover Battle has analysis of the San Jose Sharks' new, attemped bad ass logo.

8.) In California, you can no longer turn Kangaroos into items in your wardrobe. The Beautiful Game laments.


rstiles said...

I love these reach-arounds because you always post a hot picture of some babe with jugs!!!

Anonymous said...

obviously airbrushed. where is her bellybutton?

JMC said...

great question about the bellybutton. still hot though.