Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Please Vote

On a day where the most important thing you'll vote for is clearly two first-round match ups in the "Would you do..." Tournament of Champions, remember that there are a few other teeny, tiny reasons to go vote today.

And if you are California readers (and voters), please make sure to do the right thing on some of these propositions. Some pretty important ones...please do the right thing. Like really. Some pretty fucked up shit got on the California ballot.

And for our Ohio friends and readers out there (there are an alarming number of you!), make sure your state goes the good direction. You know which way that is if you've been reading closely!

So make us proud, sweet country. Vote and vote right. Don't fuck this thing up.


JMC said...

very well said and good point. Make history.

GMoney said...

As one of your "Ohio friends", trust me, I made the right decision. I voted for the state rep that supports strip clubs and for casinos! I'm a patriot.

Bokolis said...

I wasn't voting for the car salesman and we've already done the misfit with a daddy and granddaddy complex. As I usually do, I voted for myself.