Thursday, November 13, 2008

NFL Midseason MVP?

Ugh, who wants it?

The Hater Nation brings up the compelling question: who's the leader for the MVP right now?

For how prestigious the NFL is -- easily the most popular league -- we feel that the MVP race is often overlooked. More of a team game than baseball is, we guess. But c'mon, who was the MVP of the '06 season? See, can't even go back two years. (It was LaDainian Tomlinson, by the way. But we had to look it up.)

Some of your candidates for this year's trophy:

Drew Brees: Possibly record-breaking numbers, but team might miss the playoffs.

Clinton Portis: Largely responsible for the Skins' (and Jason Campbell's) success, but he's been hurt.

-Kurt Warner: It's Kurt Fucking Warner and he's on the Arizona Cardinals. The last time the Cardinals won anything?

-The best teams -- Tennessee, NY Giants, Pittsburgh, Carolina -- don't really have any one person who's putting up huge numbers. Manning? Roethlisberger?

-Douchebag Rivers and Jay Buttler: Both are putting up some numbers for decent teams...but better than Brees'?

Unless someone emerges in the second half of the season, the award will be pretty forgettable. Much like the time Rich Gannon won the award. (2000 AND 2002!)


Moe Szyslak said...

Brett Favre, hands down. No one has done more for his team than Brett.
By the way, Favre plays for the New Jersey Jets. There is no NFL team in N.Y. called the Jets.

Anonymous said...

Brett Favre hasnt done shit but throw interceptions. Jets fans are such fucking losers. The most overrated ever.

GMoney said...

If he can't go this weekend, it will prove that Clinton Portis is the most valuable player in the league.

I could also make a case for Vince Young. His team would be under .500 if he doesn't get hurt and try to kill himself.

Anonymous said...

VY is a great choice. I'm thinkin about R.O.Y. candidate Chris Johnson. Without him, there's no way LenDale has the numbers he has, and the rushing game is what has Tennessee where they're at (along with the horseshit roughing the passer call in the Ravens game that won it for them).

I hope Moe isn't serious though... Favre hasn't done anything besides pick on AZ's D once. The team was being touted before he got there.

And from they're uni's and what he wears every game, I thought they were the N.Y. Titans

Moe Szyslak said...

The N.J. Jets are 7-3. 39 year-old Favre has revitalized that organization all by himself. MVP! MVP! MVP! MVP! MVP!