Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notre Dame could be dangerous in the West

Joe Lundardi's been busy. With college hoops officially underway (even though few teams have actually played games that count) it seems appropriate that we get a November edition of Bracketology.

Some observations:

-Top seeds of UNC, UConn, UCLA and Louisville seem about right.
-The South Region (Memphis) and East (Boston) could play big advantages if L'Ville and UConn, respectively, can get top seeds.
-The loaded Big East has nine teams in. The Big 12, with seven teams, is second.
-Somehow, many teams' stock is either rising or falling. Not too sure what to think about that.
-The Washington Huskies, which should be pretty OK this season, aren't even on the bubble.
-Washington State, along with Alabama, LSU and Oklahoma State, is one of the last four in.
-Maryland and Dayton got snubbed.

So, who's ready for March?!?!


Anonymous said...

We'll see if my Terps really got snubbed... We do have to play American again this year... Fuck me.

Anonymous said...

The only question is... will IT be able to keep his tutors doing his homework well enough to pass and stay eligible for winter quarter.

Anonymous said...

joe lunardi is sad he has a small penis

GMoney said...

Zach, since you are a Huskies fan and I assume you hate UCLA, feel free to tune into ESPNU tonight and root for my RedHawks to pull the early upset of the season. If you don't want to, well, you can fuck yourself.