Monday, August 11, 2008

Your guide to cheaper and better tickets

We haven't had a book review in a while, but we were sent a nice, quick read and got to it over the weekend.

Max Deale's "Sold Out So What!" is a guide to getting better deals on tickets to sports events that we all enjoy going to.

It's a fun, comprehensive, resourceful book to help us beat fucking scalpers, beat the ticket brokers and even give us some nice suggestions how to upgrade from the nosebleeds to the high-roller seats.

You can get the book through Max's site and Amazon and we recommend checking it out. For the cheap price, you can potentially save hundreds from getting better deals on tickets.

And yes, Max gave us many sexual favors for this plug. The Cleveland Steamer was top notch.


Chris said...

Wow. Great review. Really in -depth, really let's you know what you are getting. How about explaining some of the details? Did you just copy what was written on the back cover?

We want at least one tip that might get us a cheaper ticket. I mean we read the blog everyday so we don't have to buy books.

The Big Picture said...

oh so THAT's what you were doing in the backseat the whole trip.

Ticket Jedi said...

Happy to oblige Chris. Next time you go in a group to an event, chip in for one e-ticket on the field level or wherever it is that you want to sit (note that you DON'T have to pay more than face value for that ticket). The rest of you get the absolute cheapest ass ticket you can find. Print out the e-ticket and make as many copies as you need. Then use your cheap ass ticket to get in the door before dispersing the copies to your friends. Then TAKE YOUR TIME, going in one by one with a few minutes apart between each other so the usher doesn't see the same seat number going by. Better yet, if there's two entrances to the same section, split it up. Then find a place you can all hang inside that section. You may not all be able to sit together, depending on how packed the gig is, but you'll be down there.