Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kyle Orton goes to Kyle Borton...

Perhaps the funniest thing we ever heard was a game created by a friend called "Six Degrees of Boner."

It'd work like this: Zach goes to Bach goes to Boch goes to Bonh goes to Boner.

It's so funny because it makes little sense and you're trying to get to the word boner, which is inherently hilarious.

But really, that sort of game is necessary when talking about Kyle Orton. He turns women into sex slaves, men into jealous lovers and dogs into...well...makes a dog's red rocket appear.

If there's anything sexier than Kyle Orton on this planet, we'd be hard pressed to find it. He's a symbol of anything and everything sex related.

Meanwhile, Grossman goes to Bossman goes to Bonnman goes to Bonnerman goes to Boner.

(Kyle Orton was named the starting quarterback of the Bears Monday, which in no way is relevant to this post).


Anonymous said...

Michelle Bonner goes to Boner....I wish she was coming to my boner....sorry got sidetracked a little bit...what were we talking about???

GMoney said...

Boner from Growing Pains goes straight to Boner.

The Bears are a fucking disaster.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Kyle Orton Drunk