Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chiefs take Jay Feely on emotional roller coaster

You might say it's been an up-and-down summer for NFL kicker Jay Feely. Despite drilling 21-of-23 field goals last year for Miami, he was cut two weeks back as the Dolphins attempt to get younger.

Not surprisingly, the veteran was picked up -- by the Chiefs, two days ago. Happy day for Jay. Monday, August 25: A life starts anew. From The Kansas City Star: "Chiefs hope veteran kicker Feely helps."

Why that's exactly what he must've been thinking: "I'm a darn good kicker, dammit, I can help." And to help a team whose kickers made only 66.7% of their kicks last year couldn't be too hard. Besides, he would only have to beat out Nick Novak and Connor Barth.

Jay Feely: A life back on track. A journeyman kicker in a new home with a new team. His team. His time.

Then this from The Star on Tuesday: "Feely's out of here."

Oh. Hell. Cut one day after being signed. Losing out to Nick Novak and Connor Barth. These are hard times for Jay Feely. We hope he's not pointing to anyone particular in that photo. After yesterday, we're not sure anyone is pointing back.


GMoney said...

Pathetic. I think that I could make the Cheifs right now.

Anonymous said...

Novak's a stud like that... At least he was when he was a Terp... Now he's just right for KC-- Mediocre.

(Sorry, Nick, but it's true. You're still my boy.)