Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pretty awful day for A-Rod

So you're in a pennant race (sort of), you're the best player in the game (maybe) and you're battling your heated rival for the final time at your historic park (true).

You're Alex Rodriguez and things are fine. Until you go 0-for-5 with two strikeouts and two double plays, leave seven on base, commit an error, and lose the game to Boston to fall six games back of the wild card.

Oh, and you get booed throughout the game, drop to 1-for-10 on the season with the bases loaded and continue an August slump that has your team headed for an early autumn vacation for the first time since 1993.

Yow! So, Yankees done? Does A-Rod bounce back from one of his worst days as a pro to take the team into October. We don't think so. You?


GMoney said...

Anything is possible when you embrace Kaballah!

GS said...

About time you outed this bum--for those who've had the misfortune to watch the Yanks this season, this is a TOTALLY TYPICAL day for the clodpole who's come to be know as "Slappy Strikeout."

Rally-killing strikeouts or feeble dribblers and popups are his stock-in-trade.

As the normally staid Times put it:

"Alex Rodriguez is in October form...The Yankees are 11-12 in August, and Rodriguez has grounded into nine double plays in the month while hitting .238."

And let's not forget about the extra-marital trysts and waiting-for-ridicule marital/divorce follies.

Anonymous said...

hey, don't knock a-rod just because he's rich and handsome

IVSPORT said...

Maybe some more lip gloss will help him see the ball better. A-Rod and the Yankees are a match made in heaven. And since they are now obviously going to miss the postseason, this is going to be a legendary offseason in which the Yankees overpay everybody on the market hoping it gets them back to the playoffs. Once they sign Sheets and Teixiera, they will have a 300 million dollar payroll.

Anonymous said...

Ode to Slappy Strikeout (aka A-Rod)

There once was a Strikeout named Slappy,
Whose play made Yank fans quite unhappy

He whiffed and erred,
Popped up when he dared.

In short, he played simply too crappy!

Anonymous said...

hey, A-Rod is misunderstood and under-appreciated!

so what if I'm a Sawx fan!

Anonymous said...

nice poem!

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