Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Order restored in Baltimore: Boller back at QB

We'll guess that photo's from 2005. Could be 2004. Doesn't matter much. It's Baltimore quarterback Kyle Boller in a familiar position: getting pummeled by an opposing player and fumbling. We know there's no ball in that photo, but rest assured, it's probably on the ground in the hands of another San Diego Charger. Boller is pretty good for that. Incomplete passes and interceptions, too. Really, if you think of things that don't make you a good quarterback, you'll find Boller doing them.

With that we're overjoyed to hear he is back where he belongs: At the helm of the Ravens, a franchise marred by quarterback futility. For the first preseason game, anyway.
Kyle Boller's 42 career starts won't necessarily land him the job as Baltimore Ravens quarterback. His experience did, however, earn him the start in the preseason opener at New England.

"Experience." Good one. We have a hard time thinking of Boller as an "experienced" quarterback, but when Troy Smith and Joe Flacco are the alternatives, Boller looks like a seasoned veteran. Like a Trent Dilfer or Jay Fielder. So: been in the league a few years, not very good and white.

Unproductive QBs seems to be the m.o. of this team. It's like they go out looking for a gunslinger who will be just good enough to put 10-14 points on the board, which keeps the game in hand so the defense can win it and Ray Lewis can tear someone's head off. It's a backwards strategy that has worked well enough that they keep adhering to it. Kudos for the consistency.

Some of their former starters: Eric Zeier, Tony Banks, Elvis Grbac, Anthony Wright. A real who's who of quarterback elites.

So Boller is right where he belongs, we guess, the latest in line of a group of prolific passers. Enjoy the game against the Pats, pal. And if you can't locate the ball within five seconds of the snap, it's probably in the other team's hands.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... It's gonna be another depressing season for Ravens fans.

I hated the pick when they drafted Troy Smith, even though it was a Heisman winner like 9 rounds in, but after seeing him in action in the last couple weeks of last season (granted with absolutely nothing to lose) I would like to see him have a shot.

It's gotta be better than Boller or a QB that could be good, but has no business going from being a Delaware Blue Hen to a NFL starter.

Hopefully we can at least have healthy corner backs this year so our defense can bring some excitement. And also without Billick maybe McGahee can start getting carries on 1st and Goal in game deciding situations... See Week 1 @ Cincy.