Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Best: Rivalries

Welcome to "The Best," a new series from the people who brought you "Would You Do," "Blogger Interviews" and "What Really Grinds My Gears."

It's just what it sounds like: what's the best ______? "Best" is such a subjective word and that's really the point -- let's get you guys talking! If this works, there will be intelligent, thoughtful debate on the day's topic. And if it doesn't work, well, back to the drawing board.

From the moment we became sports fans, we've been conditioned to hate the uniform. It started early with the Dodgers. Being Giants fans, no matter who played for LA, we had to hate them. Take the entire Giants 25-man roster, put them in Dodger Blue and we'd root against them any day of the week.

And while the Giants-Dodgers is a pretty decent rivalry, there are some out there that tear apart families, torch friendships and make you shit blood. (That last one we made up. We have been trying to work "shit blood" into a post for like two months now).

The best rivalry in sports?

Some things to consider:

-Length of rivalry (how much time has it spanned?)
-Team's success
-Hatred between fans

Here's how we'd go:

5. Auburn-Alabama football
4. Giants-Dodgers
3. Michigan-Ohio State football
2. Duke-Carolina hoops
1. Yankees-Red Sox



Dinur said...


Rangers - Islanders (hockey)

Rangers - Devils

Oilers - Flames

Shaq - Kobe

rstiles said...

I am a Michigan fan living in Ohio and I can attest that the Michigan-osu rivalry is the best...

osu sucks!!!...their mascot looks like a testicle!!!

George said...

In hockey, Leafs-Canadiens has a long pedigree, although the Leafs ongoing suckage has sort of killed that one. As a Habs fan growing up in the '70s, my most hated were Boston and Philadelphia, and since those were the two teams Montreal met in the playoffs this year, clearly there is still some life in those old rivalries.

andy said...

You include Dodgers/Giants but leave off Cards/Cubs? Be careful, your coastal bias is showing...

Missouri/KU is another good one as it goes all the way back to the civil war.

WCT said...

Yankees-Sox is an overblown creation of ESPN and other Media. OSU-Michigan is #1

Anonymous said... football's most played rivalry.

Anonymous said...

Harvard/Yale has to be the oldest.

Justin C. Cliburn said...

Oklahoma - Texas

How many scrotums have been maimed due to the other rivalries you mentioned? I thought so.


GMoney said...

As a central Ohio native, NO, OSU/UM is not the biggest rivalry in sports.

On a smaller level, the oldest college football rivalry west of the Allegheny Mountains is the heated Cincinnati/Miami University annual slugfest.

Bokolis said...

Hatred between fans counts for a lot.
1. Rangers - Celtic - you guys don't know WTF rivalries are if you think Yankees/Sox is heated. There are at least a dozen football rivalries that trump anything in America...I'll let this stand for all.
2. Auburn - Alabama
3. OSU - Michigan
4. Yankees - Red Sox - the hate was there before the worldwide leader hype. I'm not a Yankees fan and I hate the Red Sox, their fans and that whole fucking city.
5. Missouri/KU - That really is a blood feud, but they lose points for relevance

Californian's aren't capable of hating like NYers, so no way the California versions of Giants - Dodgers can even match the NY version, even 50 years after the fact. There are are 70 year olds out here that still hate.

Raiders - Charges/Chiefs/Broncos has more hate (when the Raiders were good) than Giants - Dodgers. On that note, I'm surpried that no one has picked an NFL rivalry.

Rangers - Islanders had some all time heat, especially when both teams were good, but that died with the Rangers' cup and the Islanders' (and hockey's) irrelevance.

Chuck Schick said...


Game #144 is this year. Rivalry started in 1884 and played every year since 1897. It's the longest continually played rivalry as well as the most played.

Harvard/Yale started earlier but they have played fewer games and they have played uninterrupted only since 1945.

If you type "the rivalry" into Wikipedia, you get the Lehigh-Lafayette rivarly. 'nuff said.

klemmer said...

Blackhawks-Red Wings

Oilers- Flames

Leafs- Habs

tenjay said...

lots of good international soccer ones:
us-mexico (relatively new though)
ac milan-inter
barcelona-real madrid

on the other hand shouldn't the rays-marlins be a good rivalry that is crap?

Spencer said...

Bokolis is right, Celtic/Rangers is the most fierce rivalry in the world. Catholics vs. Protestants in Ireland, yikes.

I'll throw two Indiana ones in the mix.

Colts/Patriots for this decade has been fierce, the two best teams in the AFC. Also, Indiana-Purdue is pretty good, but has been better in basketball.

Wow, I haven't seen Raiders/Steelers, the Colts/Patriots of the 70's, or Niners/Cowboys, the best NFL rivalry in the 90's. Those two rivalries are two of the best the National Football League's ever seen.

Todd said...

Arlington HS - Stanwood HS (Washington) Football

Stilly Cup

These teams fight more than the UFC.

Todd said...

Seriously though...

Minnesota - Michigan football is a good rivalry with a cool trophy that trades hands.

thestooge said...

Army vs. Minnesota gridiron. Nothing beats it man.

Buck said...

I gotta agree with Todd on the stilly cup. Its pretty well known as the biggest rivalry for high school ball around the states. Those students get into to more dog fights than Vick.

Peteski said...

5. Auburn-Alabama football
*No one out of the South cares
**May I suggest Redskins-Cowboys

4. Giants-Dodgers
Two Terrible fan bases so, no one cares
**May I suggest Canucks-Leafs

3. Michigan-Ohio State football

2. Duke-Carolina hoops

1. Yankees-Red Sox

Anonymous said...

You use the success of the teams as a criteria, and nobody even mentions Nebraska-Oklahoma? The only thing that tarnishes this rivalry is the fact that they no longer meet annually. Fuck you very much, Big 12 conference.

Anonymous said...

The Cal/Washington crew rivalries are pretty prolific and have lasted a long time.

huh? said...

Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers. Lessened lately we've (Bears) sucked a lot of dick lately.

Anonymous said...

I would move Yanks/Sox down to 4, put Duke/Carolina at 2 and OSU/Michigan at 3. #1 is probably a Euro soccer rivalry but I don't know any of the teams. One to watch in the future is Cubs/Brewers.