Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's time we start talking about college football

That's a photo of some of the Preseason All-Americans, highlighted by Ohio State's James Laurinaitis on the right, doing some Rock Band action. Our money has them playing along to either "Cherub Rock" by the Smashing Pumpkins or "Epic" by Faith No More. But it could be "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet.

The picture comes courtesy of our friends at Playboy and you can see many more photos of the All-America weekend at PlayboyU. And because it's college football time -- the first game is in two days! -- Playboy has its college football preview edition out on newsstands, which is sorta like the SI and ESPN editions, except with naked pictures.

We're not really into doing team-by-team previews or predictions, but we do like to talk about college football because college football is fun and we like fun.

So, let's just talk on a broad level.

Teams to beat? National Championship contenders? Biggest offensive threats? Darkhorses?

We'll just say this, because we feel like we only ever have about one decent point to make about anything: we'll be shocked if Ohio State isn't in its third-straight National Title game.

The Buckeyes will lose to USC in a primetime game in LA on Sept. 13, but then they'll run the table against a disgustingly-weak Big 10 (Wisconsin on the road will be their biggest test) and get back to the BCS championship game with one-loss and a date with _____?

(Our guess is a two-loss Florida.)


Chuck Schick said...

Hopefully all the big name schools lose at least enough to be kept out of the championship games. I love to see those teams lose and the dour looks on the faces of people who wear their merchandise yet have no affiliation with that school whatsoever.

"uh, no, I never went nor do I know of anyone who went to OSU/USC/Fla/Texas/ND/LSU/Michigan/Oklahoma, et, al, and I don't even live in that state, but they're my team!"

Go BYU! Go Pitt! Go Wake Forrest! Go Clemson! Go Fresno State! Go Cincinnati! Go Boise State!

BTW - I haven't seen any TV yet; is Lou Holtz still saying ND should be number one or two? They could be 0-8 and he would still say they should be ranked. What a Doltz.

GMoney said...

If the Buckeyes lose a game, they aren't getting another shot at the title. The voters won't allow it.

Chuck Schick needs to either smoke some weed or go away.

I will be in attendance at the first televised game of the season Thursday night where my Miami RedHawks will destroy Vanderbilt on ESPNU. Because the SEC has never been able to handle that legendary MAC speed.

Sarah said...

Good call on the Buckeyes, though I guess most of us saw it coming a mile away -- especially without Beanie Wells. They didn't stand a chance.

The Tennessee-Auburn matchup's gonna be one to watch, at least...