Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You should see the other guy

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is a father who playfully wrestles with his son while looking like Ron Jeremy but took a shot to the eye in the process, making him look like Ron Jeremy with a black eye.

From the Orlando Sentinel via Ben Maller (who else?):
Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy looked like a prize fighter as he popped out of the visiting team's dressing room before the game Sunday against the Chicago Bulls at United Center.

He was sporting a black left eye, a souvenir from a playful wrestling match Saturday with his son, Mike Van Gundy, seventh-grader.
Why Van Gundy didn't say he fell down the stairs or ran into a wall is well beyond us.


GMoney said...

Easily the result of a mis-timed money shot.

Anonymous said...

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