Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Knicks try to win over fans with free food

If we're a sucker for any one thing, it's free shit. That sounds like a lot of things, but it's not. "Free shit" is one entity. And we love it.

So if we were being appreciated as Knicks fans yesterday, we would've felt, well, appreciated.
All fans who attend the game will be welcomed to enjoy free food and beverages from MSG's concession stands throughout the building starting at 6:30 p.m., when doors open to the public. In addition, servers will walk around the arena to distribute food and drink items, including hot dogs, pretzels, soda and water, among other choices. This marks the first time MSG has provided food and non-alcoholic drinks at no cost to fans.

There will also be a major merchandise discount of 30 percent off everything.
We would've eaten like 11 hotdogs, taken plenty of "other choices" and drank tons of water. Hydration is important. And "other choices" is much like choosing what's in the mystery box. It could be anything!

Of course Knicks fans would prefer a few other things on Fan Appreciation Day, like:

1. A few more wins
2. Isiah Thomas getting fired or deported
3. Spitzer's hooker
4. No taxes (hey, it's Tax Day! Score two for a relevant, yet unfunny joke).
5. Gateway drugs

The booze was not free, of course, so we imagine that MSG still pulled in five figures on beer sales as the Knicks lost for the 58th time this season.


rstiles said...

I'm a Knicks fan and they have to get rid of Thomas as head coach...I honestly think he has some dirt on the Dolans and that is why he is keeping his job...

Shit, even Tom Brokaw is not keeping his season tickets next year!!!

Anonymous said...

I just pinched off a loaf that felt like a fucking can of biscuits coming out. Jesus, now I know what it feels like to get butt-fucked by Shaq.

GMoney said...

Who could resist the lure of the mystery box? There could be anything inside...including a boat!