Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blog Talk

We've been curious for a while about this: if you're reading this site, what other finely edited sites are you reading?

If you've been following Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog's Suckiest Sports Blog Tournament, you'll notice that some big-name sports blogs aren't highly thought of and others, that we didn't know much about, are well-regarded.

If you read this site often, you know which blogs we like. If you can pick up on subtleties, you know which ones we don't. But we won't focus on those.

If you will please, in the comments give us your top five sports blogs (excluding this all know this is your favorite. If it's not, you're lying. And if you're not lying, maybe you're penis-less). If you want to pick some fights, feel free to leave your five least favorite sports blogs. Including a most-overrated and most-underrated blog would be good, too.

It'll be fun for all. We think. Probably. Maybe not. It just might be humbling. Fuck. This could backfire. Play nice.


tbb said...

1. Deadspin
2. KSK
3. WithLeather
4. TrueHoop
5. SurvivingGrady

Rob said...

Top 5
1) The Big Lead
2) Deadspin
3) AwfulAnnouncing
huge drop of after these 3 and you guys...
4) StormingtheFloors
5) that's about it... Rotoworld, but I wouldn't consider them a blog site. The top 3 (and you guys) i check daily each morning.

Rob said...
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GMoney said...

With Leather
Awful Announcing
Mondesi's House
The Hater Nation
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes

JMC said...

firejoemorgan, mccoveychronicles, and ninersnation and here are where I spend my time. I'm not as much into the sports blogging as I should be. oh, I've been getting into that dugout place recently.

JMC said...

oh and of COURSE, Uni Watch

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks balls. Would it kill you to update it a little more often?

Bokolis said...

This one wins by default. I'm way too self-absorbed to even seek out five blogs, let alone sports blogs.

I happened onto this blog by searching Sophie Simone Cortina. I thought you were a funny muthafucka and I dug the mock-cockiness. Also, if there was going to be a steady stream of pictures of broads, I figured I could sit down for a drink.

Anonymous said...

the hater nation
the big lead
awful announcing
dc sports blog

Nick said...

Other than this one, the only blogs I consistently check are TiricoSuave and Deadspin.

NFL Adam said...

Thank you GMoney and anonymous.

ssreporters said...

1. Awful Announcing

2. The Beautiful Game

3. The Sports Hernia

4. Afraid Of Ed Hochuli

5. Storming the Floor

Worst Blog

Stupid Sideline Reporters

Ray said...

Top 5:
Fire Joe Morgan
Kissing Suzy Kolber
Every Day Should Be Saturday

A pretty unoriginal list, but they're the best for a reason.

Ray said...

With honorable mention going to MJD's many efforts, the most recent being his work at Yahoo.

College Hoops Info said...

hey, ive been looking at your blog for a long time now and i just made a college basketball blog myself. i was wondering to try and get mine going if you could add it to your links, since your site is pretty popular. thanks.

the blog is

Stocky said...

Every Day Should Be Saturday
The Hater Nation
The Postmen
Awful Announcing
With Leather

Gonzo said...

1. The Big Lead
2. Awful Announcing
3. Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog
4. Bugs & Cranks
5. Walkoff Walk

Jon said...

Worst Blog: College Hoops Fans

NFL Adam said...

You too, Stocky. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

1. Barstool Sports
2. Deadspin
3. Joesportsfan
4. Astroasylum

rstiles said...

Honestly, I am not a big fan of Deadspin...I have tried to contact him a few times and he has never responded...

I'm sorry, but some bloggers will rant about ESPN and the big media, but Deadspin is just the same as the bigshots in the media...

Shoot, I have an easier time getting responses from journalists at big time newspapers than I do with Deadspin...

rstiles said...

BLoggers like Big Picture, Money Shot, Complete Sports, etc are real down to earth dudes who don't think their shit doesn't stink like at Deadspin....

Screw Deadspin!!!

JMC said...

oh, I can assure you, Zach's shit stinks.

Dr. Dawg said...

1. Enjoy the Enjoyment
2. The Big Picture
3. Blazers Edge
4. Bob Condotta's respective football & basketball blogs
5. Channing Frye's blog (it's surprisingly well written)