Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bracketology! In April!

Our pal Mike over at Steady Burn alerts us that Joe Lunardi's mock-bracket is out -- for next year!!

We could've told you that UNC Asheville will be your team from the Big South and naturally pull No. 2 Notre Dame in the South Region, but Joe had to predict the entire thing, oh, 11 months ahead of time.

Some highlights:

-Your top seeds: Texas, Pitt, UNC, Duke
-Other 2008 Final Four teams: UCLA (No. 7), Kansas (No. 2), Memphis (No. 3).
-The Big East leads the way with nine bids, with the ACC, Big 12 and SEC getting six apiece.
-Washington is among the last four out -- but we're mentioned!!
-A possible Kansas-Memphis rematch in the Sweet 16 in Indianapolis
-Arizona could get back to the Final Four with the No. 2 seed in the West with top-seeded Duke...and the West Regional is in Arizona. They'll be a trendy pick. 'Cats, baby!

Yeah, it's April. Eleven long months before this is relevant again. But hey, Kansas fans while still feeling the joy of a winning a championship, can be knocked back down to Earth: their Bracketology stock is going down.


GMoney said...

This confuses me, I just assumed that once the brackets were revealed, ESPN cryogenically froze Lunardi for 9 months?

JMC said...

who the fuck is Joe Lunardi?

NFL Adam said...

Oh the hell with this. He's more useless than Kiper.

Peter said...

Missouri? He has Missouri in the field? As a 10 seed? Missouri?