Monday, April 14, 2008

Doing the math on Barry Zito

Just about the only thing more painful than watching Barry Zito give up eight hits and four runs a start is knowing how much money he's making doing it.

It's one of the strangest thing in sports: the highly paid starting pitcher. If healthy, he plays once every five days, and while incredibly valuable in the postseason, the best of the best help their team once a week. And rarely more than seven innings of the game.

And then there's Barry Zito who doesn't exactly "help" once per week and seems to do it in about five-inning stints. His $126 million, seven-year contract is both unfathomable and brilliant, of course depending from which perspective you look at it.

So let's breakdown Zito's salary, based on an average of 35 starts per season, six innings per start and 11 wins.

The numbers are humbling.

-$18 million per year
-About $515,000 per start
-Nearly $86,000 per inning
-About $1.6 million per win
-Almost $29,000 per out

That last number is the most upsetting. Zito makes more money per out than many people make per year.

He better not be getting that $600 tax rebate.


GMoney said...

Oh, you know, he's getting that tax rebate. And he's probably planning on stealing Brian Sabean's as well.

JMC said...

shit I better BE getting the rebate. fucking highway patrol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Barry Zito is a bad person. His father Joe is the Devil and the rest of his family are a bunch of retards hanging on to his money. I know them personally and if a truck crashed into the whole family and ended all of there lives...consider the rest of us lucky. I have curse that man and his family for ever and hell would be a place of confort for Joe Zito (The Devil, that man is the cheapest, meanest sob on Earth and I hope he lives out the rest of his life in pain and dies a groosum death. Makes me happy to see Barry do poorly. I know its to late, no matter what he will get his 100+million but he at least will be in shame as the most expensive worse pitcher in history.
Maybe he should stop smioking so much marijuana (which I smoke with him). As i conclude I just want to reiterate how mean, rude, and belittling Joe Zito is. One day he will get his...and i hope it on the news so i can Tivo it and watch it over and over.

Down with the Devil Zito family.

NFL Adam said...

Tax rebate? They could give back the $3,200 they are stealing from me this year.