Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sprewell, in legal trouble, called yacht "Milwaukee's Best"

We were going to pass on this story. Latrell Sprewell is in financial trouble, his $1.5 million yacht was auctioned off and his home could be foreclosed. Bor-ring.

But we scrolled down a bit, and learned Spree -- a Milwaukee native -- called his 70-foot boat "Milwaukee's Best." A reference to the Beast, yes? Certainly not his playing ability.

When we get our 70-foot yacht, we'll probably name it something along the lines of, "Dirty Sea-man" or "Cleveland Steamer."

As for Spree, he seems to be having trouble feeding his family. Sad. Where's that multi-million dollar contract when you really need it?


Anonymous said...

That's fucking hilarious.
Being from Maryland, when I get my boat (again, from Maryland, no ifs, but when) I think I'll honor Mr. Boh and name it the Natty Boht.

Chris said...

I always like the boat from Arrested Development, "The Sea Word"

Lacoude said...

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