Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sarah Silverman bleeped Matt Damon

This video has made the rounds and it has nothing to do with sports except Matt Damon is from Boston (right?) and probably is mildly aware that his football team just lot an important game.

But still, pretty funny stuff.

And if you don't know why Silverman is joking about this, here's People magazine to conveniently summarize:
Comedian Sarah Silverman had a special surprise for boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night's 5th anniversary of his ABC late-night show -- and it involved getting naughty with Matt Damon.

Damon (a Kimmel pal and frequent joker on the late-night show) gets in on the fun, too, asking Kimmel, "How do you like them apples?"

Damon and Silverman, Kimmel's girlfriend of over five years, even show off their dance moves in a hip-hop interlude.
Ugh, so, ya know, would you bleep Sarah Silverman? (We had to ask).


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, I'd make that jew bitch scream!

GMoney said...


JMC said...

for sure I would do her

Anonymous said...


Bokolis said...

11 which point I am too drunk to know better, but not yet functionally useless.

3 LITs for her. I'm already rather hesitant about nailing her; I'd hate to have to bang her while she's sober.

Matt Damon said...

I bleeped the hell out of her, it was freaking awesome. Being Matt Damon sure has some perks.