Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday sure sucked for Indiana

Eesh. Talk about a lousy day.

Wednesday did not treat the Indiana Hoosiers well, as anything short of the football stadium burning down pretty much happened to the IU athletic department.

First, Hoosiers coach Kelvin Sampson was accused of committing five "major" rules violations, which could cost him his job as soon as Friday.

Also, a report was published about three IU football players getting arrested over the weekend.
Police arrested Indiana wide receiver James Bailey and running back Demetrius McCray on misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges after complaints of loud music from their apartment.

A teammate, freshman linebacker Darius Johnson, also was arrested over the weekend on misdemeanor charges after police said he was found passed out in a residence hall stairwell and later struggled with medics inside an ambulance.

Not hard-hitting stuff, but still bad publicity.

Wednesday's final fuck-you came when Wisconsin's Brian Butch banked a three-pointer with 4.5 seconds left to give the Badgers a 68-66 win and put a knife in the Hoosiers' back.

If athletic director Rick Greenspan polished off an entire bottle of Chivas Regal last night, who'd blame him?


The Big 11th Blog said...

did he call the bank?

GMoney said...

Big, unathletic white guys ALWAYS call bank.

JMC said...

why is it SO hard for these coaches to follow the rules? I mean, come on.