Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pedro Martinez will not wait to be seated

A-list celebs get all the perks: hot babes, free drinks and they never have to stand in line or wait for a table at a trendy Miami restaurant. Well, unless you're Pedro Martinez, of course.

From the New York Post via Ben Maller:
PEDRO Martinez waits for no table! The Mets pitching ace became "visibly upset" when told by a maitre d' that he would have to wait for a table at Prime 112 in Miami last week. A spy said, "Pedro started cursing and demanded to be seated. He was with a friend and had been discussing the team's pitching staff. Pedro didn't look happy at all with the discussion and got even madder when he was told to wait." To make matters worse, Star Jones walked in and was seated immediately.
Who the fuck is Star Jones? Has the name of a pornstar turned stripper turned hooker.

As for Pedro, yeah, we'd be "visibly upset," too. Waiting for a table -- let alone waiting for anything -- sucks. We had to wait 30 minutes for a table at Cheesecake Factory last weekend. Don't they know who the fuck we are?


rstiles said...

That is why baseball should not be played in Miami....

What the fuck is wrong with those Florida assholes...Star Jones gets a seat, but Pedro waits...isn't that discrimination against Dominicans?

GMoney said...

It's quite simple, you sit Star Jones right away or you become her meal.

Bokolis said...

I was told that Pedro retailiated by beaning the maitre d' with a bread roll. He tried to bean Star, but, as Pedro has lost a few MPH on his fastball and got it too close to her mouth, well...you know.

Dr. Smooth said...

Pedro fell off the A-list several years ago.