Monday, February 11, 2008

The NFL has so much money. Like what the fuck? Like Pro Bowlers get even more money?! Are you fucking serious?! Fuck.

The Pro Bowl is bullshit anyway -- though it doesn't need to be -- and it's a meaningless game that's more flawed than the people who allowed "Norbit" to be made.

And while a free trip to Hawaii isn't enough, the players on the winning team each receive $40,000. Are you fucking serious?! Because multi-million dollar contracts don't cut it, hey, take a free trip to Hawaii, play just hard enough to scratch out a win, and we'll give you 40 grand for the hassle. Sincerely, The NFL.

Fuck. That's a lot of money. Even if you lose, you get 20k. That could buy a shit load of tacos at Jack in the Box.

And with a $40,000 bonus, just winning the Pro Bowl gives these NFLers more money in three hours than the following professionals make in a year:

-High school teachers
-Government officials

We suppose the NFL throwing around money is no surprise, but this seems a bit excessive. And in addition to his 40 g's, Pro Bowl MVP Adrian Peterson was awarded a car. If we saw that vehicle, we'd key the shit out of it.


Amaysing1 said...

40K? Are you kidding me? They should have to pay any fan money to watch that pathetic shit that they play the Sunday after the Super Bowl.

*refuses to call it The Pro Bowl face

rstiles said...

Every one of those who played in that game yesterday should have donated their check to the NFL Retirement Fund for all the former players who cannot get shit from the league even though they are all crippled up...

But no, the hungry mutherfuckers took the $40,000 or $20,000 and ran

flohtingPoint said...

Cheers on the Tourettes laden title

GMoney said...

Bloggers need a raise.

Amaysing1 said...


You might be on to something.

DC said...

What if they replaced the Pro Bowl with an exhibition between the CFL and NFL? I'm sure they could design the field in some way where the first half could be NFL width and the second CFL width (I'm ignorant of the other rules differences). Ehh??

T Dizzle said...

I agree why not donate the money what is 40G to someone who signed a huge bonus and a multi-million dollar deal?

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

norbit was funny

Anonymous said...

pretty sure nurses make more than 40k there buddy

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