Monday, February 18, 2008

Clearly, our tastes differ

Over the slow weekend -- holy hell, were there any good sporting events?!? -- we finally got around to compiling the "Would you do..." Round 3 Standings, now conveniently located on the right sidebar.

We're 10 deep in to the next round and the next tourney should be lining up nicely with the other March Madness.

When putting the standings together, we realized that for how great your comments are and how much we appreciate your votes in the polls, you all are fucking nuts!

Only 4% said no to Cavs Girl Amanda. To an extent we could understand that most readers of a sports blog would happily nail this busty cheerleader. But comparatively, it doesn't make a ton of sense.

For example, Meghan Vasconcellos, who was carved from an angel, got many more "no" votes than Amanda.

And then there are Texans twins Marisa and Larisa, who, while twins, are perhaps the most homely looking cheerleaders in the history of Texas and cheering. Yet they're only a hair behind Vasconcellos.

And currently in last place? A fucking pornstar! Nearly half of you guys said you wouldn't nail ASU's Courtney Simpson. Unless you're all concerned about contracting an STD or hotdog-in-a-hallway-syndrome, you gentlemen are all thinking with the wrong head.

If we were ranking the current contestants, we'd go:

1. Meghan Vasconcellos
2. Seagals Heidi
3. Cavs Amanda
4. Carolina lesbians Renee and Angela
5. Suns Amanda
6. ASU Courtney Simpson
7. Vikings Krisandra
8. USC Christine
9. Texans twins Larisa and Marisa
10. Titans Erica

Your turn.


rstiles said...

Let's get the last 6 girls picked and then like Mills Lane used to say


GMoney said...

Seagals Heidi is NOT #2, you biased mofo!

rstiles said...

Hey, since I nominated Cavs Amanda, do I get something from her if she wins the tourney?

Dr. Dawg said...

The lesbians should be last. One of them is disfigured.

Anonymous said...

Most votes seem appropriate. Cav Amanda is clearly at the top and Pat's Meghan should have a better percentage. Viking's Krisandra is getting a raw deal and super slut is too high, even with only 57% yes.

My rankings:

1. Cavs Amanda
2. Meghan Vasconcellos
3. Suns Amanda
4. Vikings Krisandra
5. USC Song girl Christine
6. Seagals Heidi
7. Texans twins Larisa and Marisa
8. Carolina lez Renee and Angela
9. Titans Erica
10. Blank

99. SLUT aka Courtney Simpson

Bokolis said...

No rankings, except to say that Courtney Simpson should be the low seed because, in any match-up, people will choose (perceived) clean pussy over dirty pussy.

Her first work in porn equates to a hazing ritual. She did some work for some cat called Max Hardcore. I only saw trailers, but this dude face-fucks chics until they hurl on his dick, then pisses in their mouths. I don't know if any amount of sandblasting can clean that up.

Then again, if she gets matched up against some pig, it could get interesting.

mike said...

As a new reader, I'm too lazy to go back and lookup all the girls on the list. But some of them are pretty hot. Especially the Patriots cheerleader. Christ.

Also, "hot-dog-in-a-hallway" may be my new favorite term.

Anonymous said...

1. Cavs Amanda
2. Meghan Vasconcellos
3. Suns Amanda
4. Texans twins Larisa & Marisa
5. Vikings Krisandra
6. Seagals Heidi
7. Carolina lez Renee & Angela
8. USC Christine
9. Titans Erica
10. Courtney Simpson

The list is extremely top-heavy. The two Amandas sandwiching Meghan is a no-brainer, but there is a noticable drop after the top 3.

Individually, the Texans twins would probably come in 6th on the list, but the twin bonus bumps them up to 4, dropping Vikings Krisandra to 5. Seagals Heidi is 6th, because her best feature (body) is somewhat negated by the fact that pretty much everyone else on the list has a good body as well; this ends up bringing more attention to her worst feature (her face).

There's another big falloff from 6 to 7. The Carolina lezzies get the 7 spot solely on the strength of the lesbian thing, because that dark haired chick is fucking hideous. USC Christine is 8th, because in that pic it looks like she's wearing a damn mask. Titans Erica is 9th, because it looks like she *should* be wearing a damn mask.

The porn thing really hurts Courtney Simpson. Not only does she have that run-through vibe, but I don't think she does anal. I've seen a couple of her movies, not once did she take it in the back door. So when you take someone who would be no higher than 7 anyway, and add in the fact that they're a porn star who *doesn't* take it in the butt, the result is a last place finish.