Monday, February 11, 2008

Our blogging cherry has been popped

If over two years of writing this site wasn't enough, we are now officially a blogger: we have met Will Leitch.

Deadspin Will came to Seattle Friday and read from his newest book, God Save the Fan. It was a good time out -- thankfully all awkwardness that comes with a book reading was mitigated with Boddington's and PBR. We were able to introduce ourselves to Will, get the book signed and tell him we just gave 27.50 reasons to link to our site more often.

Really though, it was great to meet the biggest name (oxymoron?) in sports blogging. He was pretty much as we expected, though with more blackface jokes (1) than we thought. And we had him pegged for whiskey. He was drinking what looked like something and tonic. Yeah. Totally blindsided.


JMC said...

you guys are like, famous. By association. Right.

JMC said...

3 questions based on that picture:

1. are you rocking a beard or did you just need to shave?

2. was Adam holding a UW bookstore bag? Did you guys buy the book on the way there?

3. What bar was that?

Dr. Dawg said...

I believe it was Murphy's pub?

The Big Picture said...


1. i was rocking an Abe Lincoln, though i just shaved it. (tear)

2. the event was at a bar, but sponsored by the bookstore. so we bought his book from the bookstore people at the bar. they gave us a bag.

3. dr. dawg is dead on: murphy's in wallingford.

JMC said...

Murphy's - we should have gone there more. And by more I mean ever. I went there once, but not with you guys.

Bokolis said...

Three words: Lose the beard.

Blazers really only work for tall guys and/or those whose shoulders aren't broad.

It was probably a vodka tonic, as that dude's far too pretty to drink whiskey. At the very least, he looks "metro" enough to know that whiskey is a surefire chic repellent.

The Big Picture said...


the beard is gone. and i agree, my shoulders are far too broad and muscular and ripped to wear a blazer.

JMC said...

zach, you could wear a blazer - with no shirt under it.

NFL Adam said...

Adam and Zach look like an unfunny version of the Sklar brothers.