Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Playboy takes a page from our book

Our friends at Playboy (note: Playboy is every man's friend, but we have actually been in talks with Playboy trying to put together some good stuff for the upcoming Playboy U) clearly read this site and have put together a contest of hot sportscasters. (Link won't get your fired from work, but conversely will not make you want to rub one out).

Playboy's contest isn't as crass as ours and doesn't suggest that Rachel Nichols is a lesbo, but still, this is our turf.

Anyway, go vote or something. We'll be pulling for Hazel Mae. We somehow think she knows to cup the balls.

(Reach-arounds for Awful Announcing and With Leather).


T.C. Hill said...

You do realize that you inadvertently just endorsed boston sports right there by promoting hazel mae. she works for nesn, the red sox and bruins television station.

for what its worth, her alternate anchor is this lady named kathryn tappen, i havent found a good photo yet but she is so banging its not even funny

Got Wood said...

What the hell is Rachel Nichols doing on that list?! That bitch is a surefire bonerkiller. Whenever I pop wood at work and don't have the privacy to rub one out, I just google her picture and TIIIIIMBEEERRRR!

The Big Picture said...

i totally biffed on that T.C.! f-boston. and f-hazel mae. but in a more literal way.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Soto? *Borat* Very nice, how much?