Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Navy win = no school!

What's it take to get class canceled these days? Just schedule Notre Dame. From SI.com:
The Naval Academy canceled classes Monday, giving the 4,400 midshipmen another day to celebrate the football team's first victory over Notre Dame in 44 tries.
Yes, Navy plays football. Notre Dame no longer does. And because of this, rather than learn, the Naval Academy spent most of Monday doing push ups, folding clothes and doing other stereotypical things people associate with the military.

Perhaps with this line of thinking, if Navy beats rival Army on Dec. 1, maybe they'll just cancel the war.


flohtingPoint said...

LOL @ stupid navy... Back when I was in the Air Force we didn't get a day off work for a successful "Shock and Awe" campaign, but Navy gets a day off because of football?

GMoney said...

They were just about to sing a song about mopping!

Jarrett Carter said...

Actually, the Naval Academy is a heavy favorite going against the Rebels of Al Qaeda.

Although, Lee Corso thinks its much closer than the experts think.

Black and Blue Jor said...

Ironically Navy cancels school after beating a coach who was the star in the movie "Back To School"