Monday, November 26, 2007

The 2007 college football season is on Angel Dust

A major hat tip, reach-around and high five to The House Rock Built and EDSBS for the fantastic picture of your college football Turducken. That's why rich people created Photoshop.

Anyway, for how much we love college football -- we've probably spent more time watching CFB this season than we have spent sleeping -- we don't really talk about it around here too much. Maybe it's because it's already covered by blogs, the .com's and the talking box.

But we need to sort some things out. So let's all talk together.

National Championship (Big) Picture:

-We can all agree that Mizzou and West Virginia control its own destiny.
-But here's what could likely happen: WVU beats Pitt in the Backyard Brawl. The Mountaineers are in. Mizzou loses in the Big XII championship game to Oklahoma (the Sooners already beat the Tigers 41-31 in Norman). Then theOhio State backdoors its way in to the title game.
-If the Mountaineers lose and Mizzou wins. It's the Tigers and Ohio State.
-But what if both West Virginia and Mizzou lose? Ohio State is probably in, but who does it play? Kansas becomes your only other real (Hawaii is not a real football team, says the computers. They must all be June Jones' robots.) one-loss team. But would two-loss teams like USC or Georgia hop the Jayhawks? Crazy!

Saturday's winners:

-Georgia is the surprising winner. With Tennessee's thrilling win over Kentucky (easily Saturday's best game), the Bulldogs avoid an SEC championship game with an angry LSU team. UGA will finish with just two losses and avoiding the SEC championship game spells BCS for the Dawgs. (Though, an SEC championship game win would have been huge if WVU and Mizzou both lose).

-Hawaii. The Rainbows Rainbow Warriors Flaming Homos Warriors might not be considered National Championship caliber, but they are a win away at home against lowly Washington from going to a BCS game. Fiesta Bowl? Against Georgia?

-USC. A terrible loss to Stanford. A loss at Oregon. Finally, a changing of the guard in the Pac-10. But Dennis Dixon goes down like a Vietnamese prostitute and in comes Brady Leaf and other inept quarterbacks who don't know a football from their penis. Oregon's out, Arizona State is bullshit and the Trojans are a win away against inconsistent UCLA from another BCS bowl. Amazing.

Yes, they have to award someone the Heisman Trophy:

Our ballot would look like this:

1. Chase Daniel
2. Darren McFadden
3. Dennis Dixon
4. Tim Tebow
5. Colt Brennan

Disagree all you want. We want to hear dissenting opinions.

We value a team's record pretty highly, so that's why Tebow is lower. If he's the best player in the country, shouldn't the Gators still be in National Championship talks? Especially with the talent around him?

Brennan's numbers are fantastic, but he won't be considered highly until Hawaii starts playing other universities.

Daniel has good numbers, No. 1 team in the country and...well, he has good numbers and he's the best player on (currently) the top team.

Wow! College football is fun. Almost better than Meth. It's fun until you start caring about teams. Then it fucks you in the ass. (See: Washington and Cal). So the moral of the story: be objective fans and drink yourself in to a coma. Or try Angel Dust.


rstiles said...

Ohio State played a cupcake schedule and they are going to slither in the backdoor to the title game...

College football is great, but this system sucks ass...get a playoff!!!

Kevin Hayward said...

I'm hoping for WVU vs. Missouri; after everything I've witnessed up until now, I think that's the only way I could stay sane. Of course, given the way things have gone, surely one or both will lose and the apple cart will be upset -- very upset.

GMoney said...

I'm sorry, Tebow #4??? He has 7 more RUSHING touchdowns than McFadden who you have at #2.

The award goes to Tebow and it should be unanimous. It's not about who is the most valuable or who is the best pro prospect, it's who is the signature player of the season. It's Tim Tebow. And it's not even close.

O'Brien Pundit said...

Daniel went 40-49 passing against the nations #2 defense. So yeah, I' gonna have to say that Chase is a lock for the Davey O'Brien Award.

Jarrett Carter said...

WVU rolls over whomever makes the title game.