Friday, August 04, 2006

For this guy, money does grow on trees

Remember way back when -- like two months ago -- when Barry Bonds hit a home run? No, it wasn't the last time he hit one. He hit one last month too. But on May 28, Bonds hit his 715th shot, which made him that much less popular with fans, media and animals.

Now that ball, caught by some dude waiting in line for a beer, has finally sold on eBay. The historic homerun ball sold for about 220k to eBay ID 52817. Yeah, #52817!

The dude who sold it is named Andrew Morbitzer and he can now afford to buy a house in the Bay Area where the cost of real estate rivals that of a professional athlete's salary.

Scary thing is, "experts" told Morbitzer that they expected the ball to sell between $200,000 and $300,000. And hey, it did! But there are "experts" who project the value of objects like historic homeruns? Really?

In other news: Of the 10 NL teams within five games of the Wild Card spot, one of them is the Oregon State baseball team.


JMC said...

buy a house? in the bay area? More like, make a down payment

twins15 said...

If my job was becoming an expert on predicting the price of home run balls, well, I think that'd be a great way to make a living. Sign me up!

Mini Me said...

If it were up to me I would buy it, shit on it and leave it on Bond's front door.