Monday, August 21, 2006

Start thinking of your Sidney Ponson jokes

Ponson, left, during happier times.

Sir Sidney Ponson: baseballer, knight, and hardcore drinker is no longer a New York Yankee.

After a three-inning, six-run outing Friday night against the Red Sox, Ponson was designated for assignment.

Ponson, now a free agent, will search for his fifth team since 2003. Despite Ponson's virtual ineffectiveness, habit of drinking and driving, and beating the shit out of an Aruban judge, Major League teams seem to find appeal in Ponson.

Perhaps it's because he's a large man. Perhaps it's because he had a few good years in Baltimore. Perhaps it's because he's an Aruban knight. We certainly wouldn't be surprised if a playoff contender decided to offer Ponson a spot in the rotation.

It's too bad Colorado and Milwaukee aren't really vying for a playoff spot; Coors Field and Miller Park would have given Ponson naughty thoughts.

In other news: Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship Sunday after getting a special pep talk from Chubbs Peterson.


Mini Me said...

I am still waiting for Ponson to utilize all that potential he has.

JMC said...

I didn't break the blog did I? I went in to fix a broken link and now when I view it in Safari it does this weird thing where every line of text links back to the blog front page. In firefox it seems to be working fine, and the link is fixed!

Pradamaster said...

Sidney Ponson...that brings back memories for this DC resident...

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