Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Any excuse to mention Beaver is really pretty exciting. Yes, we're college grads. Yes, we prefer sophisticated humor. Yes, we pride ourselves on maturity.

And still we find insurmountable pleasure in a team called the Beavers.

The Oregon State baseball team -- the Beavers, yay! -- beat North Carolina 3-2 Monday to capture the College World Series. It's OSU's first baseball title and, to steal a line from our other site, Oregon State and champions are two things not often associated with one another.

Back when we were writing headlines at the UW paper, we would always brainstorm great headlines if the Dawgs beat OSU pretty good. For example:

-Dawgs pound Beaver(s)
-Huskies nail Beaver(s)
-UW runs through Beaver(s)

Or, after a rain-filled evening:

-Dawgs rain supreme over OSU Huskies make Beavers wet

Ok, you get the idea.

But big ups to the Beavers and the rest of the wonderful town of Corvallis, Ore. This is the best thing to happen to them since the local diner introduced chocolate creme pie.

In other news: Jason Giambi hit two homeruns Monday after having a weekend play date with Victor Conte.

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NFL Adam said...

Dawgs lick Beavers.