Monday, August 28, 2006

If the Stanford Tree falls in the forest...

Well, it's probably just drunk again.

You may recall a while back that Tree drank a bit too much at a game between Cal and the Cardinal last February and made a bit of a scene. Erin Lashnits, who wore the tree suit, was then fired. Yes, mascots can get fired.

Then, just a month later, the new mascot -- played by Stanford student Tommy Leep -- got in trouble for refusing to leave the court after halftime of Stanford's women's tourney game against Florida State.

And just this past weekend, the NCAA came down with the penalty. Stanford University was fined by the NCAA and Tree was suspended from the 2007 Women's NCAA Tournament.

Now really, isn't this just a little silly? We're talking about a mascot after all. But at this point, with Tree being so unique and rebellious, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see the mascot show up at Stanford's Oct. 7 meeting with Notre Dame and beat the hell out of the Notre Dame leprechaun with a giant pot of gold. Really just wallop the guy.

Or, if the Stanford Tree is gonna get suspended, it may as well do something that validates the suspension. C'mon, dancing on the court at halftime is nothing.

Why not a felony? Shit, rob a bank. Pull a Maurice Clarett and get pulled over with four loaded weapons, a bulletproof vest (!) and a bottle of Goose. Launder some money.

We respect Tree greatly -- don't get us wrong here -- but cowboy up and get busted for something worthwhile already.

In other news: The Dallas Cowboys fined Terrell Owens $9,500 for missing cheer practice.


Mini Me said...

Seriously I never understood that mascot...what's up with that?

Mike said...

Not only is this ridiculous because they suspended the tree... but it's for the women's tourney. Who cares?!?