Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Team USA means business

There was a basketball game Monday. Not college. Not the NBA. Not even high school.

Though there was some street ball going on. Oh, and this exhibition game between the U.S. and China in the World Championships.

Team USA must've eaten some bad chinese food or something because the Americans sure took out their aggression on Team China. The Americans won easily, 119-73, which, by our math, is a lot. China was without Yao Ming who was sidelined with an MSG-related allergy a foot injury.

It's always nice to have some basketball news in the dead of summer. It seems to be baseball, baseball, NASCAR, baseball, golf, baseball, motorcycle crashes, baseball...you get the idea. But now we have international hoops.

And the best part? Monday's match was played in Guangzhou, China. Yeah. Guangzhou. Just hang a left in Hong Kong and you're there.

If you noticed in the above photo, well, that's LeBron James. He plays basketball. He's pretty good. But his number changed! Whoa! He's no. 6, we suppose, for this little tournament. How 'bout that.

In other news: The Washington Nationals traded Livan Hernandez to Arizona Monday in exchange for a clean-breathalyzer for GM Jim Bowden.


JMC said...

MSG makes everything funnier

twins15 said...

You jinxed the team... you write about them, and they barely hang on to beat Brazil 90-86!