Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don Nelson doesn't know what he's getting into

We suppose Don Nelson thinks that the members of Run-TMC -- Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin -- are still playing for the Warriors.

And at 66-years-young, who can blame him for being a bit out of the loop? Hardaway and Richmond are long out of basketball and Mullin is now, ironically, calling the shots for the Warriors. Unfortunately for Nellie, there's not a whole helluva lot of talent on the floor for the Not-so-Golden State Warriors.

Baron Davis has all sorts of issues, Ike Diogu isn't seeing enough court time and Jason Richardson...well, he's fucking solid!

But the Warriors haven't seen the postseason from the first person since 1994 and the front office thinks that Nellie is the guy to get them back there. He'll try at least. He'll also get a $1 million incentive if the Warriors make the playoffs.

The amigos over at Golden State of Mind like that little clause.

"Simply marvelous! Absolutely amazing! FAB-YOU-LESS! Maybe Cohan (aka the worst owner in all of sports) is ready to actually give winning a serious try instead of just looting Warriors Nation. I never thought I'd say this, but props to Warriors owner Chris Cohan. This doesn't make up for 12 horrendous years, but it's a start."

The City also likes the move, but more because, well, Monty was a wee bit better at Stanford than with the Warriors.

"By parting ways/firing/kicking to the corner/buying out Montgomery, Chris Mullin admitted his second of four mistakes as GM of the Warriors. The first was signing Derek Fisher to a six-year deal. The second was the Mike Montgomery signing."

So, yeah. Nellie. Back in the Bay. Monty back to the Pac-10? Oregon? We'll just see. If only Garry St. Jean were still around to mock.

In other news: The Jets named Chad Pennington their starting QB only because they missed out on the Jeff George sweepstakes.

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