Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jason Grimsley is a generous guy (when it comes to money he didn't exactly earn)

Former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Grimsley is back in the news. The 15-year vet who was suspended for 50 games in June after being busted for using illegal performance-enhancing drugs including steroids, amphetamines, horse tranquilizers, RU-486 and Flintstones vitamins, made the doping policy look pretty silly yesterday.

Turns out when you get busted for doing stuff you aren't supposed to do ("cheating," we're told, is the word here) you are still entitled to that year's salary.

During those 50 days of no baseball and Fun Dip, Grimsley was set to make $225,500, which was awarded to him last week as decided by the commissioner's office and the MLB Players Association.

Pretty messed up, right?

Well, Fun Dip lovin' Grimsley has a kind heart (could've been the horse tranqs taking effect) and has decided to donate his "earnings" to a handful of charities.

We aren't really sure what to make of this. We applaud Grimsley's generosity, but then again he's donating thousands of dollars all covered with the residue of a growth hormone and a steroid-infused syringe ("Metaphor." Metaphor is what we were looking for here.) to the Drug-Free Arizona charity.

Got to appreciate the irony.

In other news: Steelers coach Bill Cowher will wait until after the season to discuss a new contract because he intends to ride his motorcycle without a helmet before agreeing to terms.

-Adam Landres-Schnur


Mini Me said...

I bet Grimsley ends up donating it to the "Vitamin B-12 Fund".

Johnny Cakes but not gay said...

Do you have to be a professional baseball player to join the MLBPA union? Cause I would love to do that.