Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update: Barbaro's still alive!

This fucking horse.

To steal a line from the all-powerful MJD, "I wish they'd just put a bullet in him and be done with it."

Hey, somebody had to say it, right?

There's news about the three-year-old making progress. The report says that Barbaro is able to go outside and is walking on grass.

Great. Next he'll be able to suck his own dick.

Really. How much longer will this charade continue? We keep hearing back and forth reports about a horse. A horse. OJ hardly got more publicity.

It's almost too bad Barbs isn't doing something illegal. Then we could just pull a state of Texas on his ass and execute the motherfucker. He seems like a lethal injection kinda guy to us. But whaddya think?

-The chair?
-Firing squad?
-Gas chamber?

Well, Barbaro won't get the death penalty. But for the hell he's put us through, perhaps he should.

-Pavel Andorra


JMC said...

I think the ironic thing to do would be to break his other leg, then do a shoddy job fixing it and let him die of laminitis

CR said...

you are sick and sorry bastard! are you just pissed that on your BEST day, you aren't as talanted and loved as he is on his WORST?

Anonymous said...

Goddamn leave Barbaro alone he was great. laminitis is painful