Friday, December 09, 2005

Rumor has it this writer's in love

I'm in love.

Not with anyone in particular, but rather with's Rumor Central.

What a great $#*@ ing website. Checking the latest on Rumor Central occupies a good chunk of my time. I mean, who doesn't love rumors and gossip? But rather than it being about who's sleeping with who, it's about who's playing for who. Incredible!.

It's also hard not to like the list of all the teams involved. Just look at the left-hand column and see the teams with interest. Take St. Louis pitcher Matt Morris, for example. The following teams are listed:


And the use of questions marks. Yes! I mean, what's the deal with the Angels? Like, they may want Morris, or they may just be talking. I mean, what's the deal?.

I bet Cardinals' GM Walt Jockety and Angels' GM Artie Moreno were just kicking back some yager bombs at a bar during the Winter Meetings and Moreno was like,

"Hey Walt, um, what's up with Morris?"

And Jockety's like: "I mean, we're kinda trying to sign him?"

Moreno: "How much?."

Jockety: "Three years and a lot."

Moreno: "Well, we may offer him a lot to."

Jockety: (sarcastically) "Yikes."

But Peter Gammons, who was no doubt in the same Dallas bar, sipping a vodka & Red Bull and eavesdropping on the front office fellas, heard the conversation and thought that the Angels deserved a question mark.

So that's how the rumors come about. And I read and read and read.

In other news: In a scramble to find a competent replacement for Donovan McNabb, the Philadelphia Eagles have turned to former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein to fill the quarterback hole.

In other other news: The San Francisco Giants declined arbitration on fan-favorite, J.T. Snow -- essentially cutting ties with the six-time Gold Glover. San Francisco then signed Sweeney Todd to replace Snow and to butcher GM Brian Sabean for ripping the heart and soul out of the Giants.

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