Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quick thoughts (and inevitably cheap shots) about Week 15

-The big news of the day is that the Colts went down à la the passengers of the SS Love Boat. But the bigger news is that the Chargers won. San Diego needed that game a ton more than Indy. The fact that losing a meaningless game is news makes me want to vomit (and that puking will surely cure my hangover).

-Young Alex Smith still looks young and plays young. His future in the NFL is looking as bleak as Kansas City's playoff chances.

-Love what they're doing in Detroit. Lions' so-called fans are wearing orange and rooting for the Bengals as a protest against the hated Matt Millen. A Detroit radio station also organized a Fire Millen March. Defiance speaks louder than Jeff Garcia.

-Stop the presses: Houston won! After several verbal assaults on the Texans, The Big Picture salutes those pesky Texans for not throwing a game (and giving my hometown Niners a better shot at getting Mr. Bush).

-With a ton on the line, the Vikings' ship sunk (no, not the SS Love Boat -- that thing keeps sailing and I'm trying to hitch a ride on it!)

-I'm still nowhere near impressed by Ben Roethlisberger. Pittsburgh has a great defense, good running game and Hines Ward is a playmaker. Big Ben just doesn't make mistakes and is deemed a blessing in Pittsburgh. I beg you -- and so does my hangover -- to tell me that Roethlisberger is a GREAT quarterback. I still need to yak.

-There's a good reason why some (like me) think the Seattle Seahawks are overrated: Seattle 28, Tennessee 24.

-I hate regional coverage as much as I hate Young Alex Smith. In the Bay Area today, here was the awesome lineup of games:

10:00 PST: San Francisco at Jacksonville: The Niners lose again (thankfully).
1:00 PST: Cincinnati at Detroit: AAAAHHHHHHHHH! The game was 17-0 before I could say Fire Matt Millen.

And those were the only games aside from the Sunday Night ESPN game and Monday Night Football. What happened to two morning games or two afternoon games? I would attempt to cause a stir over at FOX headquarters, but Tim McCarver, the obnoxious sleigh bell noise and Terry Bradshaw are doing it already.

-The Oakland Roiders are playing the Cleveland Browns and there's a good chance that Al Davis will be in at quarterback by the fourth quarter.

In other news: Those close to Jake Plummer and Adam Morrison say that the duo is close to reaching an endorsement deal with Gillette.

In other other news: The University of Washington women's volleyball team is hot, the Big Picture has learned.

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