Monday, December 19, 2005

More thoughts from Week 15

-Is it just me or is Michael Vick the most overrated person to ever play anything? I'm tired of hearing how special this guy is. He looked far worse than a mediocre high school quarterback last night in frigid Chicago...and that fool is soft as hell. Vick might as well have built himself a fire to stay warm on the sidelines. Instead he was bundled up in anything and everything from Bed Bath and Beyond. Pony up softie and pretend that you still have a shot at the playoffs.

-While struggling to watch that awful Sunday Night Football game between the wretched Falcons and one-sided Brrrrrs, I realized the only reason I continued to pay any attention whatsoever was because of ESPN's Mike Patrick. The guy could make pulling teeth sound exciting.

-Kyle Orton is out as Chicago's QB and in comes...wait for it...Rex Grossman! People in Chi-town think they've won the lottery because they get their starting QB back. Don't get too excited folks. Rex Grossman, at best, is a backup quarterback for a handful of college teams.

-If Chicago wants a shot at the Super Bowl, they may have to discover an offense. Sixteen points may beat a cold, punchless Falcons squad in sub-zero temps, but it won't beat Seattle in the Emerald City.

-Dallas looked simply awful yesterday. Drew Bledsoe got a case of Ryan Leaf and sucked.

-These teams are in loads of trouble: Atlanta, Dallas, Minnesota and Kansas City.

-And those teams all share at lease one thing in common: They have overrated, if not downright bad, quarterbacks. (Vick, Bledsoe, Johnson and Green).

-Monday Night Football has brewed up a good one for tonight: Green Bay (3-10) at Baltimore (4-9).

-The reason this game is on Monday is because MNF schedules their games three years in advance -- the last time people actually gave a shit about these teams.

-The best sign I saw from those defiant Detroit Lions' fans was: "Don't hate the player, hate the GaMe." Probably the most creative sign I have seen since A-Rod signed his absurd $252 million contract with Texas and a sign read: "For a loan, call 252-ALEX."

In other news: It's 3:45 PST and Norv Turner is still the coach of the Oakland Raiders.

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