Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bush runs away with Heisman

It was nothing more than a formality.

For weeks, any coach, player or analyst could have told you that USC speedster Reggie Bush would win the Heisman Trophy. Saturday night, the envelope was opened, Bush's name was announced and there were no surprises.

It was a landslide vote, with the junior finishing 933 points ahead of Texas QB Vince Young.

Bush deserves it too. He is one of the most elusive running backs/returners to play college ball in years. He is a pleasure to watch and a magician on the field.

It's obvious that Bush was the best player in college football this season, but the better question is will he make the best pro?

Bush is not particularly big, but his elusiveness is comparable to Barry Sanders, who made more than a living in the NFL. Bush is expected to be a top-five pick (at least) if he decides to turn pro. But where will he end up?

It appears that the Houston Texans will get the first pick in April's NFL Draft. But with emerging RB Dominick Davis already there, will the hapless Texans go for the running back or finally burn bridges with former top pick David Carr and select Bush's teammate, Matt Leinart?

The San Francisco 49ers, with two wins thus far, are also looking at a high draft selection. Having spent $49.5 million on top pick Alex Smith last year, some speculate that the Niners couldn't afford a guy like Bush. But the San Francisco Chronicle reports this week that they would, in fact, be able to pay Bush. If SF were able to snag Reggie, the Niners would have The 2000 Ticket in the backfield: Bush and Frank Gore.

Time will tell...

In other news: Indiana Pacers' guard Ron Artest has demanded a trade. He has cited the Philadelphia Eagles as a team that would be a good fit.

In other other news: LeBron James scored 52 points last night and has been officially named the King of Cleveland, sources say.

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