Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dwyane Wade is happy to smile for the camera...

...But it won't come at a small price. From the Miami Herald via Ben Maller:
Dwyane Wade was celebrating his 26th birthday with about 20 family members at DeVito South Beach when an unidentified Canadian man approached general manager Chris Cuomo and asked to meet Wade in exchange for paying half of Wade's $4,500 bill. Wade had the fan sent to his table and took a photo with him.

There ya go, folks. Wanna take a photo with an NBA star? It'll only cost you $2,250.

We once stood in an empty waiting area at a restaurant with A-Rod. He had a camera and asked to take a picture with us, but seeing as our bill was only about 100 bucks, we declined.

Really though, we did stand in a waiting area with A-Rod a while back around when he signed that $252 million deal. We nearly asked him to buy our meal, but thought better of it.


GMoney said...

If you want A-R-- to buy your meal, you're going to kave to g-t on y--r kn--s.

Gervacioibze said...

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