Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday is one day closer to Friday than Wednesday

We had to improvise with our editorial plans for today. We have a really awesome Blogger Interview lined up that we were going to run today, but instead we're going to run it tomorrow.


That dotted line signifies a change in thought.


Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to have two dicks?

We don't ask that hypothetically. What if you really had two dicks? Would that not be the most awesome thing in the history of history?

You could masturbate twice as much.

Women might find you weird.


Baylor is our new favorite team. We're going to root for them in everything they do that isn't against the Washington Huskies.

Five OTs is 25 minutes of free basketball. The players probably felt like Gumby afterwards, but they put on a helluva show.

Probably should be spelled probabbabbly.


Our Presidential vote is up in the air. Whichever candidate (in our registered party) says that the work week will now be Monday through Thursday has our vote.


Here are two funny pictures from reader JMC's Flickr page.

Flickr should have an E in it.


We play in a Pac-10 fantasy basketball league at work.

Ten teams, five players per team. Scoring is like this: 1 point per point; 1.5 points per rebound; 2.5 points per assist.

That makes guys like Jon Brockman, Kevin Love and Ryan Anderson hugely valuable because they're all good for a double-double every time out.

Our top player is O.J. Mayo. (We got him at No. 4 behind Brockman, Anderson and Love). He should stop hanging out with Carmelo Anthony. The party they were at was probably pretty fun if 'Melo stayed up past his bedtime.


We don't really understand tennis -- how it works or why people like it. It seems redundant, no? Suppose basketball is too. OK, throw that last point out.

We watched both women's semifinals matches of the Australian Open. People have been talking how all four are total hotties.

We'd need a pitcher of Long Islands and some date rape drugs before we served any of them.

Though the one with the white outfit in the second semi (starts with an H, ends with a OVA???) totally had hard nipples. Hot.

The other one was sweating from her breasts.


Our buddy Josh of The Beautiful Game brought up a great idea: what if instead of the Super Bowl, the Patriots played the NFC Pro Bowl team?

That would make for a much better game.

We're not one for predictions, but NE: 31, NFC: 24. A late Favre interception seals it.

Really though, it would be a neat experiment. The Patriots are essentially a Pro Bowl squad already and they have chemistry that you don't see from All-Star teams. And defense. The NFC Pro Bowlers probably don't play defense.


Our boy GMoney of The Money Shot fame had a great suggestion to give a shameless plug for The Hater Nation and its wonderful roast of Georgia Frontiere. That site just doesn't hold back. Spectacular.


Tomorrow is Friday, which is one day closer to Saturday.


The Beautiful Game said...

it's true, combine superbowl weekend and pro bowl weekend into one this year!

no one cares about either, make it fun!

the patriots vs. the nfc, genius

Bokolis said...

Basketball is like NASCAR...unwatchable. Tennis, at least, is NASCAR on fast forward. I must say, though, that it works like Ambien. I got in this morning right as the Nadal match was starting. I was out by the third game.

It used to be that these tennis chics looked their "best" on the court. Times have changed; a bunch of them now look better in a cocktail dress.

These slavic chics are like bunny rabbits.

Ana Ivanovic is a smokin' piece. Google for some cheesecake shots. It was the outfit that caused the sweaty breasts effect. 6'1" is a bit out of my range, as is the 6'2Sharapova. But I don't know how you can shoot either one down.

H....OVA does nothing for me.

Jelena Jankovic makes for an interesting "Would you do..." Decent body, butt-ugly, probably starved for attention and willing to do anything to get it. Guaranteed you could get her to do a line off the ol' hramm. Her mom, of course, knows this, and keeps her on a short leash.

Lozo said...

blogger interviews are so dumb. who wants to read that shit? now two-dick posts, that's the stuff.

GMoney said...

Two dicks and tit sweat...who doesn't love The Big Picture???

If Zach won't do it, I will, go over to The Hater Nation and read their roast of Georgia Frontandrearie...absoultely hysterical.

JMC said...

wow how did you find those pictures - those aren't even on my real flickr page, their on my supplemental made for blogging etc flickr page.

And yeah, that's darrell jackson with the brick hands. He sucks.

flohtingPoint said...

And yeah, that's darrell jackson with the brick hands. He sucks.

Yea, the only reason I know who that is, is because the folks on the 49ers mb always call him D-Jak. Usually, if you suck, you dont get a nickname. The guy guarding him, Eric Green, sucks massively, and us Cardinal fans dont care call him E-Gre, mainly because that would be a shitty nickname, but also because he sucks.

The Big Picture said...

bokoklis - thanks for pointing me in the direction of Ivanovic. I needed some material for some personal afternoon time.

gmoney - i should totally link to Rank's post on Georgia. unbelievable. thanks for the suggestions. you and i are the biggest advertisers of THN.

j - i was looking for pictures from coloma -- couldn't find them, though i did find the WJackalope account with pics of you and kylie looking like you want to make whoopie -- but stumbled across your JMC profile. those photoshops were hilarious! i had to post.

Dr. Dawg said...

This is probably the best post I've read in a really long time. Frankly, I'm a big fan of random shit falling out of peoples mouths, it comes out of mine constantly. It's nice to hear someone else's. I vote more posts like this.

The Big Picture said...

thanks, dr dawg! was nervous how it would be received.

i'll keep that in mind on other days I have nothing to write about!

T Dizzle said...

I love the Mike Holmgren comparison to the King of Town

Mike H from Seattle WA said...

That cartoon King is whom I ask for coaching advice. Ever since my starting QB isn't Brett Favre, I can't seem to win anymore. The cartoon King is my ace in the hole now.