Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ines Sainz is a hard-hitting sideline reporter

Meet TV Azteca's Ines Sainz who is a combination of Cindy Crawford, Jenna Jameson and Michelle Tafoya. She's a sideline reporter that looks like a mix of supermodel and pornstar and would give Erin Andrews a run for her money.

Why's she relevant? Because it's Whack-It Wednesday! No, not really. Well, it is Whack-It Wednesday. But pretty much every day is Whack-It Wednesday even if it's not Wednesday.

Actually, Terrell Owens got taped talking to her last week.

T.O.: Hey, Ines. I got a scoop for you.
Ines: OK. (Walks over).
T.O.: Once you go black...
Ines: I've already been.
T.O.: Oh.
Ines: Yeah.
T.O.: My ankle doesn't hurt anymore. I'm 100 percent.
Ines: Sure.

(See more whack material at With Leather).


GMoney said...

Her face is kind of fucked.

Chris said...

there is no reason to look at her face bro.

JMC said...

zero long islands

Bokolis said...

I'd say that's an accurate account of her conversation with TO, but you left out the part about TO asking her if she had a brother named Juan.

Some of my boys sent pictures from the LVBP. The cheerleaders all look like Ines and are all (shamelessly) trying to get where she is. If you got the balls to go to Venezuela...and to tell these broads that you can get them a job in the media, you'll be living like Motley Crue.

Along those lines, legend has it that Ines once applied for a job with an Italian soccer federation. She ended the job interview with a kiss for the interviewer. As she didn't get that job, I'm speculating that she knew what she had to do to get the gig at TV Azteca.

Anonymous said...

She's gotta be the next "Would you do?", but just so there are cons we'll need to assume she is dating TO... Anyone down for that must be nuts.

It's also a pro though, since I'd want to do it more just to fuck over TO.

But I just like the reporter's, "I can play hurt" comment.

Hugh Jorgan said...

Ines is definitely Rusty Trombone material.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

she was not miss spain. this girl is always misidentified as a former Miss Spain. 2 different ladies

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