Friday, January 04, 2008

There are still two more bullshit bowl games

Once upon a time, in a land of chocolate waterfalls, talking animals and rainbows made of cake frosting, lame bowl games were played in December.

Those simpler times are, unfortunately, long gone. With the conclusion of the non-championship BCS games, we should be gearing up for the final college football game of the 2007-08 season. But wait, jolly chaps, there are still two lousy games to go.

Saturday is the International Bowl, a boner-popping match up between Rutgers and Ball State -- in Toronto! Whoa! Toronto!

And Sunday, ditch the NFL playoffs for Bowling Green vs. Tulsa in the GMAC Bowl.

Speaking of the GMAC Bowl, remember the '01 game between East Carolina and Marshall? Fucking awesome game. Marshall, behind Byron Leftwich, came from about 100 points down and the teams combined for about 800,000 points with the Thundering Herd edging the Pirates in double OT. But perhaps the best thing about that one: it was played on Dec. 19!

Meanwhile, ESPN and FOX Sports are reporting the BCS Championship game is going to be played Monday in New Orleans. We somehow think Chris Mortensen and Jay Glazer combined for the scoop.


WCT said...

Kind of takes away from the prestige of saying you play in a "January Bowl Game" when Ball State plays in one.

Zooty said...

And the '01 GMAC bowl was the last time Leftwich was better than Garrard

GMoney said...

As a staunch MAC supporter, fuck you, haters!!!

holla said...

Miami U should be in the GMAC not BGSU. Miami made it to the MAC Championship and beat Bowling Green. Go Redhawks!

JMC said...

man, I am so excited for these matchups. I can't wait to watch!

GMoney said...

holla, I am a Miami alum but they absolutely did NOT deserve to go bowling this year. We sucked. Yes, we beat BG and Ball State, but losing to Temple is a bowl berth death penalty.

Watch Ball State QB Nate Davis...the kid is a stud.