Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Folks, a friendly reminder that we've entered the 21st century and have an email address where you can send electronic messages across the Internets.

And we'd love for you to use that email address more! (Thanks to those tipsters already sending stuff. Can't express our appreciation more).

Times are slow during the spring, with baseball being the only thing really going on before we get into six months of the NBA Playoffs.

We'll take this time to gently nudge you and suggest that if you see something in your local paper, hear some gossip by that water cooler -- a water cooler that's getting more action than Alyssa Milano, or have any cool, first-hand stories, please -- please! -- email us. (Link to our email also on right sidebar under heading "Tip Us Off").

No promises that we'll use what you send, but we guarantee a very appreciative response to your message.

So flood our inbox with great tips and we'll all benefit by it. And, speaking of Alyssa Milano, yeah, heard she's loose.

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