Monday, April 02, 2007

Ballhype is the ballz

Our homie Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys and The 'House told us about this new, cool website launching today called Ballhype, which is a site that...well, let's have them explain:

Too many sports blogs, too little time...We like to follow sports news as much as the next guy, but with all the blogs out there now, it was getting to be ridiculous trying to take it all in. No way that you could just surreptitiously alt-tab over to your browser and check out the latest stuff in the 3 seconds between emails at work. Ballhype makes it easy for all of the sports fans out there who want to keep up but don't have all day to goof off online.

First, we pull in content from thousands of sports blogs. (Think we're missing one? Tell us and we'll check it out.) If other writers are linking to a story, it gets surfaced to the top of the list as newsworthy. If enough Ballhype users hype it up, the story will make it to the home page.You can also write your own post or submit a story that you think should be required reading. We make it incredibly easy to find good stuff to submit. Just check out the Hot Topics (posts grouped by topic) or Latest Posts (all posts written by any blog we track filtered by tag).

They also have this awesome feature that ranks blogs. As of Friday, we come in at No. 34 overall and we're No. 6 in the "All Sports" category. (Though the weekend fucked us like a Turkish prisoner, as we fell to No. 54 overall. Still No. 6 in the "All Sports" category). This feature is more addicting than Bolivian blow, so we'll be checking back frequently.

No. 34 ain't bad and No. 6 in the general sports circle isn't bad either, but we want to be number fucking one. That's right, Deadspin, we're comin' for ya. (Not that we'll catch Deadspin, but No. 2 could be cool too. Watch out, The Big Lead).

So check out Ballhype. It's fun for all. And if you see our shit on there, "hype" it up. That's the point after all.


Jason said...

Thanks, man--we couldn't have asked for a better title.

louisgray said...

Ballhype is pretty dang solid. After more than a month of using it, its a multiple times daily visit, no question. I don't think I even visit any more.

NFL Adam said...

Remember when Zach wasn't a sell out? I miss those days.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

yeah, i know adam. they offered me a hooker though, and you know that's a weakness of mine.

Mini Me said...
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Mini Me said...

Watch your back #6...I'm after you haha!!!