Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blogger Reach-Arounds

Hey, happy Hump Day. Go have some sex later. Or play with yourself a bit.

So we don't usually do the whole link dump thing. Normally leave that to the big boys. But if you think we should do it, we're easily persuaded. Give some feedback in the comments, and if it's a go, start sending the emails...

1.) The well-hung gangstas over at Flyers Fieldhouse met former Georgetown coach John Thompson at an airport. The post is a wonderful recap of what transpired, which disappointingly doesn't end with them becoming friends and trading tequila shots at an airport bar.

2.) Homeboy Larry of Larry Brown Sports, which interviewed us yesterday, shows a crazy photo of the Travis Hafner shift. We probably would have just snuck a 10th player on the field. That's what we think of the rules.

3.) NFL Draft your thing? Fucking better be! Stop by Stiles Points for the latest.

4.) Wasting Company Time details some fantastic picks made by the Cleveland Browns. Take Brady Quinn. Double dare ya.

5.) The Terrible Jersey Hall of Fame at Just Call me Juice. We long for a Marvin Benard jersey, but could never find one.


rstiles said...

Thanks for the, I love the Google babe too!!!....

I think I just googled on myself

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

good lookin out on the link! got another great moment in Browns draft history coming today..

McBain said...

As always, thanks for the link, Papa Bear.

Signal to Noise said...

Hey, the links post serves a useful function -- not only for blogger reach-arounds, but if you're facing blogger block and everyone else has said it better than you could try to, why not hit the links?

As for the Google babe: point and click. Multiple times.