Friday, April 20, 2007

The Beautiful Game (no, not chasing tail)

[shameless plug]

A good buddy of ours, and colleague both at the UW paper and now at The Seattle Times, has started a soccer blog, wonderfully titled, "The Beautiful Game."

The guy knows soccer backwards, forwards, and around the corner. He writes well, drinks better and now has a blog to show for it all.

Be sure to stop by The Beautiful Game and say hi to Josh for us. Tell him we sent you. His site has been added to the blogroll.

[/shameless plug]


Joshua Mayers said...

I appreciate it buddy, you're a superstar

rstiles said...

Good job plugging other bloggers...that is the only way we can get our work seen throughout the country...

Joshua Mayers said...

i just figured out how to reciprocate, so you are officially the first outside link on my blog