Thursday, June 01, 2006

Steal from the other team

See that picture? That's where former Florida State football players A.J. Nicholson and Fred Rouse may be going. (And if that cartoon character is their future cellmate, they better grip the soap firmly in the shower).

On May 20 or 21, Nicholson, who was drafted by Cincinnati in the fifth round of April's Draft, and Rouse, who was booted off the team in January, stole from Lorenzo Booker.

Ok, you must be thinking, plenty of athletes, especially in the state of Florida, break the law. Well, yes. But Booker also plays football and is a running back...for the fucking Seminoles!

Nicholson (pictured left) and Rouse (pictured right) ripped off nearly $2,000 worth of electronics from their former teammate's apartment. Unless Nicholson and Rouse were trying to teach Booker a lesson -- like that he was watching too much TV -- this is pretty bizarre. Though we suspect that the two thieves stole with the intentions of selling the goods back to Booker at a discount. Then everyone wins: Booker gets a good deal on some electronics and Nicholson and Rouse make off like, well, bandits.

Nicholson and Rouse were charged with grand theft and burglary -- both felonies -- and both have a criminal record that will make Ricky Williams (or Ricky Manning) look like an angel. Is jail in the cards? Perhaps. But if they end up in the slammer, maybe they can arrange the addition of some new electronics in the facility.

In other news: Detroit beat Miami 91-78 after getting a pre-game pep talk from Ron Artest.


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